Disney on Ice: Dream Big Denver CO

We have made it a tradition to do Disney on Ice every year with Lil since she was just two. Every year the experience gets better and better! This years event was by far my favorite ever. Disney on Ice Dream Big was so much fun. 


There are many reasons why I’ve decided to continue going year after year, but the main one is that I have found experiences to be far better than toys. Disney on Ice just happens to fall right around Lil’s birthday, so it’s been a fun tradition to make going a part of her birthday celebration. This was the first year we made it a total surprise. I packed a princess gown in my bag and as we drove up her face lit up! She couldn’t believe we were going! She excitedly put on her gown and walked proudly into the arena. It was so adorable to see how thrilled she was. 

fire olaf

We also love going because we don’t have the opportunity to visit Disneyland very often. It’s so expensive to go! We love it, don’t get me wrong, but attending Disney on Ice enables us to have a “magical” night on a budget. 

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I loved this specific show because it showcased all of my favorite Disney princesses. The Ariel act was incredible! The kids were completely amazed by the Elsa and Anna portion of the show, including pyrotechnics and special effects such as snow. It was an incredible show, mesmerizing even for adults. The set was simply incredible and beautiful. Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine and Snow White are just a few of the characters that made an appearance in the show, reminding children to “always be strong, kind and fearless.”

minnie rapunzel


My favorite part of the show, as always, is my daughter’s face. I cannot help but watch her sweet face light up every time one of her favorite characters comes out. And to watch her say goodbye and the end of the show stole my heart. I’ll always have that memory- always! 


Visit the official website of Disney on Ice  for schedules and tickets in your area!

First pair of wings at Rubis and Diamonds Studio

“You’re never too old to be a fairy”. – Rubi, Owner, Rubi’s and Diamonds Studio

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Lillian and I recently experienced a once in a lifetime photo experience. Lil is four, which can be a very tricky age to get quality photographs. It had been a while since we took photos, almost a full year, so I was really excited to get some cute ones.


Turns out, these aren’t just photographs, but works of art.

But let me back up to the experience.

Honestly, I was a little nervous to take Lil to get photos. She is starting to become aware of herself when we do photos, and sometimes gets very shy or nervous. She has this adorable little grin that looks staged when we ask her to smile for the camera.


We were told to put shorts on her and do her hair, and the rest would be taken care of at the studio. I curled Lillian’s hair at home, which she just loved, and on the way to the studio we both got a Starbucks. I got a latte, she got a hot cocoa. I kind of made it a “Mommy and Me day”, which was really fun and memorable.

IMG_2101 IMG_2102

When we arrived at the studio we immediately entered an enchanted fairy garden. It felt reality floated away as the door closed behind us. I was impressed, but my daughter was mesmerized. She thought she had entered another world! There was a plush-like rug, adorable little chairs, and even a Tinkerbell movie playing as we waited. Gorgeous magical butterflies and glittery flowers surrounded us along the wall and ceiling. The walls were painted with scenes of water lilies, a magical forest, rivers, and a fantastic tree was built into the studio filled with flowers and vines and butterflies.




Lillian’s name was called, and Damarys, the photographer, said, “Welcome, Princess!”. Lillian looked behind at me with both a coy smile and delight. She was then led into a room in which she was able to choose a dress out of a beautiful wardrobe of fairy gowns. She chose the green “Tinkerbell” dress, as she called it. She dressed in privacy behind the dressing wall, and then sat at the lovely vanity. Damarys and Rubi applied some soft blush, a bit of lip gloss, sparkly eye shadow, and “fairy sparkle dust” on her arms. She LOVED it!


IMG_2207 IMG_2217

Rubi, Owner of Rubi’s and Diamonds, personally applied eye shadow to Lillian. She made this funny face, but loved it after. Rubi was a delight and such a natural with kids. I was amazed at how she decorated the beautiful room and her vision for the studio.



She was then led into a fairy garden via a lovely corridor with more amazing paintings. The whole environment felt magical and whimsical and fun. Damarys and Rubi then surprised Lillian with the most fun moment: she gained her first pair of wings!


The photographer, Damarys, was able to build rapport with Lillian and put her at ease. It was brilliant to see my daughter’s face light up and just relax. Her giggles and smiles made my heart happy.


The first scene Lillian held this lovely flower.

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The second scene she got to hold a miniature Tinkerbell in a lantern.

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The third scene she held a magic ball that lit up.


The fourth scene was the mushroom scene, her favorite, because she got to pretend to fly!


Between scenes Lillian kept asking, “Mom, can we do a different scene please?” She did not want it to end! (Which is not her normal self when it comes to taking photos, believe me).

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There were other amazing scenes as well including a sleeping scene and her holding a giant flower. This is my favorite pic of the bunch.


Rubi’s and Diamonds is the only studio in Colorado specializing in fairy garden photography. Ms. Rubi has owned the studio for over four years, and also does maternity sessions, newborn photography, sweet sixteen photos, family and sibling photography. The custom photography starts at $80 per session, making it a wonderful gift idea for Mother’s Day, birthday’s, the addition of a new sibling, Christmas, or grandparent’s gifts.

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I cannot wait to frame my photo and put it in my bedroom as a reminder of my special day with my daughter. These pictures will always remind me of her youthful spirit and sweet childhood innocence. Even as she grows older each day, these treasures will hold her in my heart as a four-year old forever.


For more information or to book your own custom photo shoot, contact Rubis and Diamonds Studio online or call 303-641-5378.

*I received services in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Writing letters in floured baking sheet: Preschool fun


Lately our days have been filled with some new and exciting developments. Preschool! Lillian isn’t going to an actual brick and mortar school, but I am doing a program through our school district as well as amping up for the possibility of homeschooling.


I must admit, I am really on the fence about where I want to send my daughter to school. I have no major political or religious stance; I myself went to a large public high school and loved the experience. It is something that has been on my mind, and it has been helping me to be more proactive here at home to give her a head start for kindergarten in a couple of years.


Anyways, let’s move on to the fun stuff. I have been learning a ton about fun and easy ways to enhance her literacy here at home. Super simple things like what we did yesterday. We are currently working on her fine motor skills to prep her for writing. We are also working on letter recognition. This was such a fun activity we did that correlated with a book.


I have found that my daughter is very much a tactile learner. She loves to touch and feel things and ask a million questions.

Try out this fun and simple activity to help encourage your child to learn how to write her/ his name, write letters, or draw pictures! Sure, it is a little messy, but it is fun and promotes fine motor skills and language!

What you need:

A large, shallow baking sheet

About 2-3 cups of flour, spread across sheet


  1. Ask your child how the flour feels between her fingers. Is it soft? What does it feel like? Powder? Try to use the words “observe” and talk about her sense of touch. This can be a science lesson, too!
  2. Try to write different letters in the flour. Start by introducing his/ her name. Spell out each letter. Afterwards, get a blank sheet of paper and write his or her name out slowly, stating each letter as you go.
  3. Draw pictures in the flour! Have some fun making silly faces and flowers.
  4. Encourage your child to help clean up. This promotes learning how to follow directions and is important for kindergarten preparedness. I had my daughter start by washing her hands, while I cleaned up the sheet, and then we swept and threw the flour away together.

What other fun ideas do you have for free play and fine motor skills?