Easy Baked Beef, Bean, and Cheese Tacos #GameDay


Need a quick dinner that can be ready to eat in 20 minutes? I love this recipe for baked tacos! I’ve been craving tacos like crazy lately, and I made this and it hit the spot. It was a super easy meal to put together and totally satisfying! Game day is the perfect day for delicious hispanic food. I love the combo of refried beans, seasoned ground beef, and cheese. Who doesn’t? I loaded mine with jalapeños and green chilies. Yummy!!! My daughter loved it as well- she ate her whole taco! I didn’t add the jalapeño’s or green chilies to hers;). 

The Stand N’ Stuff shells rock! I love how much filling I can add. They taste amazing baked in the oven a few minutes- crispy and delicious! I also loved the flavor of the refried beans. So good!


This is a great recipe for a game day or potluck because it is super easy and inexpensive. There is almost no prep involved. Who doesn’t love tacos?? Baked tacos are so yummy because the shell is crispy and the cheese is so melty. With so many game days happening, this recipe is perfect for a hungry crowd. 


I got all my ingredients at Walmart for a great deal, along with a few other things we needed to pick up. We head to Disneyland in a few days so I needed to also grab snacks. Making this dinner was perfect because I didn’t have a lot of time to cook.


Try this recipe! It’s an easy stand by that is great for busy nights or parties. You’ll love it! It is a super easy recipe that can be ready in minutes. Husband and kid approved! 

Easy Baked Beef, Bean, and Cheese Tacos #GameDay
Easy and delicious weeknight meal that the whole family will love!
Recipe type: Dinner/ Appetizer
Cuisine: Mexican
  • 1 Old El Paso 10 taco shells Stand N' Stuff
  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 packet Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix
  • 8 ounces Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese
  • 1 Old El Paso traditional refried beans
  • Optional:
  • Lime juice
  • Old El Paso Green Chilies
  • Old El Paso Jalapenos
  1. Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees.
  2. Cook Old El Paso traditional refried beans on low heat in a saucepan. (I love to add a splash of fresh lime juice for an extra kick!).
  3. Brown beef in a skillet and drain.
  4. Stir in ⅔ cup water and Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix, heat to boiling.
  5. Reduce heat; simmer uncovered for 3-4 minutes. Stir often, until thickened.
  6. Fill Old El Paso Stand N' Stuff taco shells with refried beans, ground beef, and top with cheese.
  7. Place all shells on a baking sheet and bake 6-7 minutes.
  8. Garnish with Old El Paso green chilies or Old El Paso Jalapeño slices! Enjoy!!
  9. Other garnish ideas include fresh lettuce, diced tomato, cilantro, and sour cream!


Amazing stick on labels for the whole family!

I blurred out the personal info on the labels! :)

I blurred out the personal info on the labels! :)

Labels are the best! I love using different types of labels to organize my household. Labels are also amazing for lost items. Many times I have left my daughter’s water bottle at a friends house and guess what? We all have the same water bottles for our children! So it is nice to make sure I personalize our items in case we lose something.

Most childcare facilities now require  personal belongings to be labeled. Between MOPS and teaching classes at the local gym I often need to make sure I label my daughters items, especially her water bottle and winter coat. I usually grab a permanent marker and put my daughter’s name on her stuff. The problem with this method is I end up permanently marking the item (clothing, etc.). Also, the marker tends to rub off eventually on plastics. These waterproof mini labels are just the trick to quickly label our items and leave no mark behind!

Some great uses for waterproof labels are: jackets, waterbottles, electronics such as I-phones and I-pods, binders or journals, inside a wallet (I recently lost my wallet and wish I had my phone number inside!), or on your keychain. I opted for just our name as I will use these for childcare and household use, but I plan to get more for my family to put on our belongings that can get lost in public.


These little round labels from Label Land have been so helpful to keep my stuff organized. I stuck a few of these on some of our personal belongings to make sure that we have contact info in case we leave something behind.

Mini round labels are super cute and 100% waterproof. You can use them on cell phones, cameras, electronics, water bottles, and more. They do not peel off or fade. They are laminated to ensure extra durability! So awesome!

Mini round labels are fully customizable. I have been very impressed with the quality of labels from Label Land. I love all of the different sizes and colors you can choose. And shipping is free for regular post!

Check out http://label-land.com/ for your family and for their awesome sales! You will love the ease of ordering customized labels to make sure your belongings are kept safe.

Next up I need to get some more cute labels for my own gym bag and pantry! Organizing is so much fun.

*I recieved a complimentary product sample in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed are honestly mine.

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Children’s Body and Safety Awareness & God Made All of Me Book Review


As my daughter is getting older, I have been trying to find ways to broach the subject of body awareness and body safety. I know that as a parent and mother, this is my responsibility. My hope is that she won’t hear about it for the first time in school or from a friend, but rather from the safety of her home.

As a believer in Jesus, I want my daughter to have the framework of just how special her body is, and how sacred she is. I want her to fully understand that she can say “NO” to various forms of touch, verbal statements, and persuasions. Not only is this skill important now, it will become more important as she grows up and encounters various situations to make her own decisions about sexuality.


Here is a startling fact from “God Made All of Me: A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies“, written by Justin S. Holcomb and Lindsey A. Holcomb:

One in four women and one in six men have or will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. 

The sad truth is that most of these assaults happen by a “trusted” friend or family member.

This blog post is not meant to scare or shame, but rather to “empower parents to prevent, recognize, and respond to child abuse” (God Made All of Me).


I decided to review this book, God Made All of Me: A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies, because it has made a profound impact on my daughter and I. It has given me the tools to speak gracefully and lovingly to my four year old about her private parts, her identity and value, appropriate conduct between friends and family, the right to say no, and modesty. It has opened a dialogue between us that these issues need not be embarrassing or shameful, but rather important to talk about. As she grows older, I hope she knows she can come to me right away if she feels unsure about a situation or if someone has harassed her. It also gives her the knowledge to treat other people with respect and to know to listen when people say no, or to look away if someone asks her to.

Some very practical times I have been able to use the wisdom in this book:

  • Bathroom stalls: My daughter likes to “look under” stalls. After reading this book, I was able to remind her to respect other people’s privacy and private parts.
  • Body curiosity: When my daughter turned three, she loved to show her belly and other various body parts. This book was wonderful to teach her that her body is beautiful and exciting, but that it is important to only show it during appropriate times for her own safety (with doctors, in a bath, with family members we have allowed, etc.).
  • “Rough-housing”: We all have that fun person in our lives who rough houses. While rough housing is fun and alright, and even good for building play skills, sometimes it can go too far. For example, if our kiddo says , “stop” or “no more”, over and over, it might be awkward to ask that fun cousin or even Dad to stop, but it is important in building a child’s confidence to be able to say no. A child who has the ability to say no at four is going to be more likely to say no at sixteen, and having parents who back him or her up instills a sense of value and trust that is priceless.


I highly recommend this book for parents looking for a useful book to open up conversations in a sweet and meaningful way with a young child.  This book is wonderful because it is written in a way that captures a young child in a non-threatening way. It allows a parent to talk about subjects that seem difficult to talk about.

Click on the following link to order your own copy:  God Made All of Me: A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions expressed are my own. 

*This post may contain affiliate links. I do earn a small commission from product sales on my blog, which go back into my blog to cover various fees and software as well as provide me the ability to write more content. Thank you for purchasing items off of my blog!