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Childlike wonder

One of my favorite things is to watch my child explore. She is now at the age where everything is new to her and must be touched and put into her mouth. Grass, shoes, you know- everything!

Last night, I was preparing her for bed. I put on our flame-less candle, some lullabies on my I-phone, and our adorable sleep sheep (which makes white noise). This concoction has been magic for her. I also brought in a silly little turtle that lights up the whole room with constellations when it is dark. She was SO sleepy, and eating. When I turned it on she immediately stopped nursing and was just captivated by the toy. I was a little annoyed at first, but after looking at her face I had to let her play with it for a little bit.

Her eyes were so bright and her smile so big. She made those squeals with delight I just love and turned the turtle over with wonder, almost make “aah” sounds. When I used it to make whirl-y star shapes all over the walls she just relaxed back into my arms and watched with delight. She was mesmerized by this silly little turtle and wanted to explore every bit of it. After watching her enjoy this turtle for about ten minutes we turned it back off.

This isn’t the only thing she has been in wonder with. My I-phone tops the list, and so do all the leaves covering the grass with the turn of fall. Lights, noise, texture- it all intrigues her.

I pictured myself in her shoes- new to this amazing, huge, interesting world. New sounds and colors everywhere. She is just taking it all in, wanting to experience it all, and learning at such a rapid pace. All she can do now is explore and observe this world she is moving into.

I love this age. It inspires me to do it all over again with her- to sit and look at flowers or trees blowing in the wind- or even a silly light up turtle. There is such joy in taking in the world and all it has to offer. I am happy I have a baby to slow things down with and watch the world.

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