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Playing around with Blogsy

Hi Friends! I’ve been a teensy bit MIA this week as I have been traveling. I’m in sunny AZ spending some time with my family. It’s wonderful. It is not easy keeping Lillian away from all our family out here. I need my dose of sibling love, parents, and familiar food.
Anyways, I’m playing around with my new app Blogsy. So I hope this post turns out ok. It’s the first blogging app for my iPad I think MIGHT work. I hope so because I’ve almost pulled my hair out finding a way to blog on here. So far I’m super pleased. On my right hand toolbar I have access to my Flickr, Google Drive, Instagram, and Facebook photos which I just swipe over to my post. It’s pretty rad.
Anyone else have good luck with Blogsy? I’m hoping its good because I spent money on this one and I have bought four different iPad apps so far! None of which I have loved.
Well, this might be my lamest post ever, but I suppose I can leave it with some cute pics of my baby and husband.


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    Yay! So happy to hear about this app! Thanks for sharing with us! xoxo

    July 19, 2013 at 4:03 pm
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