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Blogging Tips: How to make the most of your sponsorships!

So you have decided to pay to sponsor a blog? Today’s blogging tips is going to focus on ways to maximize your dollars when sponsoring blogs. I have sponsored several blogs, and some of my sponsorships have been more worthwile than others. There are some right ways and wrong ways to sponsor a blog. You need to be prepared ahead of time to ensure you will get the most out of your sponsorship. Many sponsorships will include the option to guest post, run a solo giveaway, or do a feature. I do recommend that you post at least one or two times a week if you are sponsoring someone elses blog that way they can actually promote your blog. It is really difficult to promote a blog with no content.

Below I describe five easy ways to make the most out of your blog sponsorship.

1. Take initiative
Don’t wait for the person you are sponsoring to get in touch with you every time. Email them right away, telling them how excited you are about your sponsorship. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. My guess is they are busy just like you are, so if you need something make sure and speak up! I have been in marketing enough years to know that the early bird bites the worm.

2. Write content ahead of time.
Many sponsorships include options to guest post or run solo giveaways. I cannot tell you how many times I have had people pay for spots in which they can guest post and they never get around to it. You don’t HAVE to guest post, but it is one of the best way to get new readers engaged in you! I once did a sponsorship in which I could write three guest posts. I made sure to get them all written as early as I could. It was totally worth it to spend the extra effort preparing those posts! Think of creative, engaging topics. Browse their blog and see which posts received lots of comments. Don’t always stick to a feature. Branch out and try something new. I recieved lots of great feedback on a couple posts I wrote for Wifessionals that had to do with “Why Daughters Need Their Dads” and “How To Keep Friendships After Having A Baby”.

3. Run a solo giveaway.
If you can, ask to run a solo giveaway. Giveaways attract lots of attention, and even offering something as small as a pretty necklace off of Etsy or $10 to Starbucks can send lots of new faces to your site!

4. Ask, Ask, Ask!
Do you want more out of your sponsorship? Do you have a fun idea? Ask the person you are sponsoring! I have asked if I could do all sorts of things. Sometimes they might say no, but usually they say yes. Many people are EXCITED to help your blog grow. Have a tweet or pin that you want promoted. Ask! Did they not tweet it? Email them to remind them. You won’t be a bug; most likely they forgot or are SO busy. Make sure you stay on top of your own sponsorship. If you find it wasn’t worthwhile, ask other bloggers who their favorite bloggers to sponsor have been!

5. Send EVERYTHING your sponsor might need.
At a minimum, have the following prepared before you sponsor another blogger:

  • A pretty pic of your face without text
  • A button or ad size customized to the dimensions of the ad you are purchasing. 
  • A Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest account so they can promote your blog (if you are interested).
  • Plus any other information they might need. Pick out a couple posts you’d like them to promote, and ask them to do so using a media outlet you prefer. Assemble your guest post yourself, professionally, including pictures, social media links, and anything else you’d like. Don’t just send a blurb over email. Make it look as presentable and pretty as possible, and try not to give them too much extra work. If you are running a giveaway, assemble the Rafflecopter yourself, unless they ask otherwise. The goal here is to get as much exposure as you can, quickly, and easily. 

What other tips do you have to share? Please join the discussion!

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