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Walmart To Go Opens In My Neighborhood: What Do You Think Of Grocery Delivery? #walmarttogo #sp

As a participant in the Walmart to Go First program, I’ve received a personal invite and incentives for my time and efforts in creating this post.

Walmart To Go  just started delivering in my neighborhood. When I found out about this opportunity, I was pretty interested.

I have always had mixed feelings about grocery delivery. I mean, is it lazy to order my groceries and have them placed at my door? Well, I decided to give it a test drive to see what the appeal was.

1. Ordering was easy.
 I made my typical grocery list and then searched for my items. It was really fun to scroll through all of the product choices. The prices were great, as you can imagine. It was easy to delete or add purchases. If I needed to log off, I could save my cart and come back to it later.
2. Scheduled delivery time.
I was able to pick from several options to schedule my delivery time. There were tons of time slots available.
3. Deliver on time and friendly service.
My delivery was on time and the associate who assisted me was extremely friendly. We chatted for a bit as I asked him questions about the delivery service. He brought all of my bags to my front door and checked to make sure nothing was missing. It was great!

Areas to improve:
1. Alternate items if what I chose was out of stock
A few of the items I chose were out of stock so they provided me with alternate items instead. While I did not mind, it was just one small inconvenience. For example, I ordered Luvs diapers and instead got Huggies. I like Huggies too, so it worked out fine! They won’t ever charge you more if they are out of stock, so if you are replaced with another more expensive brand and chose a generic you will only be charged the generic price.

After having such a good experience with my first run of online grocery ordering, I have made a few decisions about whether or not I think it is good to have online ordering for groceries. My talk with the delivery associate really changed my mind. When I asked him who his clients were on a regular basis, it really touched my heart!

It turns out the people who benefit from online grocery ordering are many elderly who cannot drive. The associate said the delivery service is great for them because they can pick out exactly what they love and it is delivered to them. The worry of grocery shopping is eliminated altogether.

Another benefit for me to keep in mind is when I am sick and out of groceries or if it is very snowy. It is difficult for me to take my toddler to the store right now, and it sometimes feels very impossible if either one of us is sick. Also, I really hate to drive in bad weather conditions. At least I now have an option which is really helpful.

The last benefit is that I spend less when I order online. I have started doing all my Christmas shopping online because I tend to spend less if I am not in the stores. I am horrible at impulse buying. Grocery shopping online is great because I am more prone to stick to my budget. I am not tempted by the donut aisle, so to say. In fact, I did not order one thing off of my grocery list, which was really great.

If you are interested in placing an order, go here: Walmart To Go 


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