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Lillian: “Mommy, I wunning!”
Lillian’s new thing is running. She will do it as long as she gets tired. She pulls her arms up like little chicken wings and gets going. We take her on runs often, so I think she wants to be a runner too. If we try to pick her up she screams, “NO- I DO IT!”.

Lillian: “Mommy, I wuff ew”
She has just started saying I Love You. It is adorable and makes my heart melt. 

Lillian: “My paci!”
Don’t get me started. We have a battle of wills going on with her paci. 

Lillian: “Pawk Mommy! I waaaanna go shew da pawwwk!”
The pawk. Her favorite place in the world. 

This little girl has a pretty cute language going on. We crack up often at the things that come out of her mouth. Right now my favorite phrase is “Mommy, I hoold ew!” Which means, she wants me to hold her of course:). 

You go girl.
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