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I was supposed to run a half marathon this past weekend…

But I didn’t. Instead, I spent my weekend eating. Pho, donuts, buttermilk biscuits, asian chicken burgers, fantastic homemade coleslaw, and I even got to drink a bloody mary. It was glutton heaven for this lady.

So my jeans fit a little tighter today. And I didn’t run 13.1 miles. Big freakin’ deal. I got to train for three months, then got sick, then lost my mojo, then basically backed out. I felt a little sad about it. For a day.

At least I got to hang out with this cutie…

Plus we had some amazing family in town. So we were merry. And did the usual things you do when family is in town: spend money, eat, shop, and we managed to work out a little, too. It helps that we live in a state where if you don’t throw on your hiking boots and North Face pants whilst vacationing there people will think you are crazy. So, maybe I can blame my tight pants on having family in town. I mean, our usual routine goes something like this:

Any Random Family Member: “What should we do today?”
Me: “I don’t know, there is a great new little restaurant that gets good reviews?”
Any Random Family Member: “Ok, let’s go eat, and then shop, and then we will probably be hungry again so what is the plan for dinner?”
Me: “I guess…pizza?”
Deep down I love it all. I look forward to all the eating and gabbing and shopping. I just need to foster my inner self-control a bit. 

We also planted our garden. Perfect timing. The next day there was a mega hailstorm. We made it out alive.

And this is my girl. Eating dirt. From our garden that was in the works. Other delicacies she tried over the weekend: old, muddy water that had been sitting in her wagon (she literally licked it up like she was a puppy), the bottom of her shoe, goldfish that fell on the front porch, and rocks. My usual reaction is a shriek-scream, “GET THAT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!”, but lately I am getting used to this. Kids are gross. I like it.

She almost killed all of our plants. We caught her gently tearing the leaves. We then had to explain to her that the plants were alive and she was hurting them. She looked at us like she understood, and we were so proud. Then she marched over the them and started ripping them like crazy.

So, I will try to be around here the next two weeks, but I am warning you: we have nine out of town guests coming in tonight. I have cleaned my house like a mad-lady. I am going to do my best to not revolve all of our lives around food. I really need my pants to fit.

Half-marathon, I’ll see you next year.
(I hope).

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