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Influenster Mary Kay Voxbox

I am not a beauty blogger, as many of you definitely know. In fact, most days I simply live by my BB cream, mascara, and a bit of bronzer. But I do love me some makeup here and there!
(Post Mary Kay Voxbox Makeup Sesh)
I have never written about an Influenster Voxbox, but figured I would on this Hello Gorgeous Mary Kay Voxbox I had the pleasure to review.
Honestly, it turned an ordinary afternoon into a fun beauty session. My daughter was excited as I opened the package, ready to see the contents. Me too. Dressed in a very fashionable combination of Nike running shorts, Rainbow flip flops, and a black razorback tank I went to work. I curled my hair a bit and tested the lovely array of makeup Mary Kay had sent me.
This is me before.  have on a bit of primer, and that is it. I’m cool with posting pics of my self au natural on the internet. I would have NEVER done this a few years ago. Glad I am finally getting comfortable in my own skin. 
Here is after. It is fun what a bit of bright lip gloss and eye liner can do! 
This is me after making my “I am so embarrased about taking silly selfies of myself in makeup” pose. Lillian was keeping me company and was the perfect companion to make me giggle.
My kit included:
Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara in Black
Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Apricot
Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color in Shy Blush
Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder
Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner with Expandable Brush Applicator in Black
Mary Kay Bronzing Powder
Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss in Mango Tango
Mary Kay Cream Eye Color Concealer Brush
Not going to lie: I was both ecstatic and nervous about the Mango Tango Lip Gloss. I normally don’t do bright, and this is like, bright coral.
What else did I love? The eyeliner. Seriously- that gel eyeliner is uh-mazing. It goes on so smooth and stayed put all day, even outlasting a Costco run, some playtime in the backyard, and family cuddle session while watching some Anthony Bourdain episodes.
I am a sucker for bronzer and powders that keep my shiny skin at bay, so I was thrilled to try out both of these products. I loved them.
This kit combination is really perfect and ideal for hot spring days. The colors give just enough kick to give a subtle glamorous and flirtatious look while keeping your skin fresh and comfortable. 
Old boring me got some bright and hip new colors and guess what? I loved them! I really need to step out of my box. Thanks Mary Kay and Influenster for getting this girl some spring colors and letting me share these awesome products with my readers! 
Disclaimer: These items were provided to me free of charge through Influenster in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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