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Ten Toddler Products Worth Buying

Baby stuff. Just when you think you have it all figured out and everything nice and organized, those little chubby legs start walking and getting into everything. If you are like me, you might start to wonder what the next stages of “toddler” stuff include. Unfortunately, there is just way too much out there. My house quickly became a cluttered mess of puzzles, stuffed animals, and toys. After almost having a nervous breakdown, we downsized a ton of our stuff. The following items have stuck around with us through the two-year old stage, and each with an important reason. If you don’t want to buy too much crap, but want some ideas for great toddler staples, read on. 

After sorting through stacks, and stacks, and stacks of construction paper, crayons, and art paraphenalia I came across these little gems. Think- crafts that you don’t have to clean up after over, and over, again. These lacing cards are fantastic. They help my little one develop fine motor skills, and she also learns about shapes, colors, and how to lace! I take these with me on short trips where I need to distract her for a bit. She loves to play with the shoe laces or simply look at the different objects. In the future we can make our own lacing cards or increase the difficulty and learn how to (eek) sew. But for the meantime, these rock. 

Ok, I will admit it. I bought this backpack because it had a leash on it. The first time I put it on my daughter she loved it. I imagined her patiently walking alongside me in parking lots with the handy leash keeping her safe by my side. WRONG. She saw that leash and tried to throw it. Sorry Lillian, it doesn’t work that way. But it doesn’t matter because we still both love this backpack. It is the first backpack I have found that fits her little body, and holds a drink and snack on the side pockets. I am teaching her to bring along her snacks, books, and items and how to care for them (and transitioning out of the diaper bag stage). This little backpack is great for this purpose, and she always wants to take it along with her. And no, she doesn’t wear the leash. But if we happen to go to Disneyland in the next year I am covered. 🙂

I SO wish I had this when I started potty training. This simple, magical, I-wish-I-had-thought-of-it device goes off overy 30, 60, or 90 minutes with a fun melody and lights. It fits her tiny wrist, or I simply attach it to my diaper bag. I was setting my phone with alarms and constantly forgetting to reset it, and of course Lillian would have an accident and it was totally my fault! This watch is great when your little one is with family who might be forgetful and not ask if they need a potty break. Even though Lillian has almost mastered potty training, this watch continually reminds us to stop and take a quick break. I LOVE IT! 

I hate to jump on this bandwagon, but these are my favorite “daily” shoes for Lillian to play in. She can get them wet, spill ketchup and mustard all over them (happened today), or frolick in mud in these puppies. I just hose em’ down and we are good to go. Plus they are good for little tot hikes and have great traction. Ok, maybe they don’t look that cute with dresses, but I don’t care. Her little toes get to air out and I don’t have to worry about her slipping and falling everywhere, or ruining cute shoes. 

I am obsessed with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. I would read it for her every night if she were that dedicated to one book (she needs variety in her life, I suppose). She does love this book though, as most kids do. It is a top seller on Amazon with almost perfect ratings. Probably because of sentences like this, “A told B and B told C, “I’ll meet you at the top of the coconut tree.” “Whee”, said D to E, F, G, “I’ll beat you to the top of the coconut tree.” I like to sing it in funny voices. 

6. Camelbak Kids Bottle Last but not least. My FAVORITE water bottle, hands down, on the market. I really do think she drinks more water out of this bottle than any other one. Also, it is almost indestructable. And 100% leakproof. Like, actually leakproof. Need I say more? It is worth the $12.99. Just stop losing yours like I do mine. (I need to go pick it up tonight in fact, we left it at sushi last week!). 

What am I missing? Share with me your faves!
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