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Just a little iced espresso and some morning reads

(New haircut and My Little Pony shirt, model shot)
Most mornings are set aside for myself. I get up way too early (some might say), and start my morning off by cleaning my kitchen. I don’t know why. It is a weird habit. The weirder part is every night I think it is clean, but magically some little elves do something between bedtime and when my husband leaves for work and there are always more dishes to be done. 
Anyways. After the kitchen is clean I can make myself my iced espresso and sit down. Then I get to do a little morning reading. Right now I am simply reading one chapter of the Old Testament and one chapter of the New Testament in chronological order. I love it. Then I get to catch up on emails, scour the internet, and do a little blogging. 
Here is what is catching my eye this morning. 
Have you discovered Houzz? My husband and I probably spend too much time looking at this site. You can make a dreambook and simply peruse hundreds of home design ideas. Enough said. 
Hoping to get myself one of these real soon. I have heard that the Pro X works just as good as a Clarisonic. I need to have a better facial routine. 
I love this post about budgeting. We have been trying to budget around here. We need to make an appointment with someone who has all the Dave Ramsey info. We really want to pay off our debt this year! 
We are thinking, (thinking), about homeschooling. The whole idea both excites me to pieces and also overwhelms me. When I read posts from livingwellspendingless I get just plain ole’ excited. She has tons of free homeschooling printables! I am customizing them to preschool age, and have a giant project this weekend lined up! 
Are you breastfeeding or have you breastfed? I loved this honest post from a mom who had a very difficult time breastfeeding and got tired of people assuming it came easy for her.

Duty calls. “Me time” is over. Time to go wake a silly little girl up and get our day started! 

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