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First Family Camping Trip

This weekend we took Lillian camping for the first time. There are so many reasons we want Lillian to grow up to love the outdoors and have an appreciation for nature. I find sitting in the mountains refreshing for my soul. It makes me see how small I am, and forces me to think about why I am alive. Being away from the city allows me to depend upon other people and using my mind to ensure resources are used wisely. I find so much freedom and gratitude when I unplug for a weekend- no reception, WiFi, or media. I hope my daughter will find wild beauty and adventure in the outdoors, and be able to unplug herself and not always depend on makeup or her cell phone to find meaning in life.

This weekend was a memory I will never forget. Cuddling with my daughter and husband in a three person tent. The smell of campfire on our clothes. Setting her fluffy, pink princess chair next to our camping chairs. Watching my hubby toss Lillian up into the air as she squealed with delight. Carrying her up to the top of a peak and sitting beside a lake, enjoying trail mix and conversation. Watching Brian catch a fish. Laughing at the absurdities of a toddlers first camping trip. Picking up the dirty fork, time and time again. Giving in to Lillian’s demands to wear her princess pajamas on the hike. Watching my beautiful daughter grow up before my very eyes, taking in the beauty of the Rockies.

Below are some simple thoughts I had as I enjoyed this weekend. It was simply delightful.

Every child should sleep outdoors every once in a while.

Dirt does a girl good. Especially under the fingernails.

A little girl can wear a princess nightgown and explore the great outdoors at the same time. 

Children need a weekend to unplug just like adults. No television, media, or radio is rare and important for my daughter to experience time to time. Learning the sounds of the woods has become one of her favorite past times.

Learning how to pee in the woods is a lost art, and one that children are very, very good at.

Kids can make toys out of anything. A stick, a few rocks, and a bucket can entertain a child for hours.

Children do not fear the same way adults do. Adventure trumps fear.

Little girls love being carried by Daddy.

A campfire is a magical place where memories happen and last for a lifetime. The best conversations and laughter can be inspired by a simple fire and a dark sky filled with stars.

Adventure builds trust. Trust builds a strong family.

I depended on my husband, a lot. Camping with him reminds me of how smart, talented, strong, and dependable he is.

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