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Fave sandals for busy days

Sandals and flip flops might not be the most flattering shoes on the planet, but boy do my feet feel great in them!
I shop for two of the most finicky and picky people on the planet: my daughter and my husband. My husband wears his favorite shirts and flip flops until they are hanging by a string. I will never understand him. He won’t go shopping for new clothes because he says his are perfectly “functional”, yet he finds reasons to replace plenty of gadgets and electronics around our home. Is this a guy thing? I don’t know. Well, his flip flops really needed to be replaced. 
And my daughter. If it were her way she would wear the same princess pajamas everywhere they go. Her favorite Disney pajamas have a big whole in them because she was determined to wear them every day on our recent camping trip. She is also very picky about her shoes. She has a love for her red, squeaky ladybug shoes and a devotion to all blue glittery sandals. That kid…

I am a typical woman. I like shoes. I don’t have a fantastic shoe collection like some of you may have, but I love a new pair of kicks. Currently, for flip flops, I have one pair of black Rainbows and one pair of classy, white flip flops from Francesca’s. It was time for a casual pair of flip flops, and I have been eyeing this pair for over two years! I mean, yoga mat bottom?! Uh, yes.
Thanks to the awesome back to school sale at, I have my family set for flip flops and sandals this year. I got each of the sandals for at least 25% off, and all were cheaper on than amazon! 

We may not be getting ready for going back to school, but our family is getting ready for a busy fall season filled with music lessons, swimming, park dates, and lots of bike cruising. We all needed a good pair of solid and casual sandals to wear for family outings and sports. I am thrilled with our new additions! The Teva sandals for Lillian will be great for water, sand, and parks! 
I LOVE my yoga mat sandals. It is like walking on yoga mat all day! Check out the sale for yourself :). 
*I received product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own! 
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