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Better organized digital photos + 512GB Anywhere Giveaway!

Today I will be sharing some easy secrets to organizing all your precious digital photos. These tips helped me to get my photos in order! I am also thrilled to be giving away a free ‘512GB Anywhere’  with to keep all your photos safe and stored securely!  It allows people to upload files and folders and the same files on any device or computer (with an internet connection). Here is the link,WowDriveIf you are like me you have probably been wanting to back up all your photos and haven’t done it- so enter today for this awesome giveaway! 

Organizing my digital photos used to be my least favorite thing to do. So I would put it off. Until my folder ended up looking like this:

…and this is cleaned up. For a long time my folder was just complete mayhem. Tons of pictures thrown in there, no organization, and even duplicate pictures.
It would drive me crazy when I needed to go find a picture. I would get overwhelmed. Do you ever feel this way about your digital photos, or is it just me?
The worst was when I wanted to print pictures or make a photo album. I had no system, so I would spend hours looking through thousands of unorganized, unedited photos. 
I finally found a simple method that has really helped me keep my pictures organized. Now I love looking through our picture folders and feel happy that our photos are well kept and safe.
Here is the process I have used to keep the photo clutter down so that we can actually use and enjoy our digital photography. I love that my folders are clean and organized and easy to access. Organizing by event and keeping them tidy in a month/ year folder really keeps my computer nice and clean. Do you have any additional suggestions?
Upload photos weekly
I used to wait until my memory card was full to upload photos. Now I try and upload my photos weekly, or at least monthly. It is so much easier to manage photos this way rather than waiting to edit and organize them all at once.
Delete unwanted photos immediately
I know it is hard to delete all those precious photos, but why hang on to blurry or duplicate photos of the same thing? I have started keeping my favorite clear photos and getting rid of the rest. It makes it easier for ordering photos or making a photo book as I know each photo is high quality and clear.
Edit photos 
I have been trying to edit photos as I upload them. I may brighten them a bit or crop them to my liking. Then if I decide to order a book or photos I don’t have to spend hours editing my photos.

Organize folders by year/ month/ event

By Year:

By Month:

By Event:

This system is amazing. It is so simple, yet now I can easily find pics for family members or a slideshow. Rather than keeping all my photos in one big clump of a folder, I have started creating a yearly folder. Within that folder I have created a folder for each month. And within each month, I organize the photos by event type. All photos that don’t have an event attached, I throw in a misc. folder.

Back up to cloud or hard drive 
I have learned the hard way. I have lost photos because I did not have them backed up to a hard drive. Sad day. Now I have an external hard drive, and I try to back up my photos pretty regularly in case my computer dies or is stolen. I have also heard great things about cloud storage, and will probably end up giving it a try, since even a hard drive can die or get stolen. I use the WD My Passport External Hard Drive and love it. For cloud storage, WOWDrive looks like a great option.

PS… I just realized I actually have a folder that is labeled, “Lillian playing with dirty water.” Apparently that is just normal around here. (embarrasing….)

What tips do you have? Please share them below! 

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