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On Lil: Dress, Rapunzel Costume from The Disney Store
On Mom: Dress,

Lil has been wearing her Halloween costume for almost a week straight. She wants to be “Punz” this year (also known as Rapunzel). Rapunzel is her best imaginary friend. She often tells me I have “Rapunzel” hair (um, not sure where she gets that one), and repeatedly requests “her song” in the car, which is from the movie Tangled.

Naturally, she has been wearing her Halloween costume every day since she first saw it. To the gym, store, library. Everywhere. All day and night. I figure she can dress up all October. I don’t really love Halloween altogether, but I am super fine with her dressing up to her hearts content. I know I am weird. I just hate the idea of her getting a giant bag of teeth rotting candy, and I stopped enjoying dressing up when I was around 20. I am so BORING. 
But, you are only two once, and why not wear as many princess gowns as possible before people start reminding you that it isn’t appropriate to wear princess costumes to things like… interviews. I think kiddos should wear capes and ballerina skirts and cowboy boots as long as they can. Embrace the fun. I suppose that is why I loved Halloween as a kid. It is pretty darn fun to dress up like your favorite person. 
I was planning on wearing jeans today, but Lil pleaded with me to wear a dress. This one. This was our conversation:
Me: putting on jeans.
Lil: “NO mom, not jeans! Wear a dress. This one, it’s soooo cute.”
Me: “Fine. Just for a bit. I don’t need to wear a dress today.”
Lil: “Mom, you look so cute! I love the purple. A princess dress like me!”
Her little compliment melted my heart, because I did not feel cute. 
An hour later, as I am changing into jeans because I had no reason to wear a dress today where I was heading:
Lil: “NOOOOOOOO! Keep the dress. It looks so pretty!”. 
She definitely made my day. Maybe she will start convincing to wear the dresses hanging in my closet more than once a year. I changed into jeans, anyways. She kept her Rapunzel dress on. All was well in the end. 
but… we did get some cute shots outside. Hubs was kind enough to capture us with a super-friendly (or crazy) squirrel. He kept coming up to us and standing a few feet away, chasing his tail and acting like a little dog… or something. We finally decided it was weird and went inside. I thought it might fly on my head. 
 I tried to get Lillian to jokingly model with me, but she was not in the mood. Normally she is a little ham.

Off to live some adventures. Actually, more like off to relax for a few days with my family after a few crazy weeks of illness and traveling. A movie night sounds good. And a glass of wine. 
We packed clothes for Lil, but chances are she will wear her Rapunzel dress all weekend. Definitely getting my money’s worth!

By the way, I love this dress I ordered from eShakti for review. It fits so comfortably. I had such a good experience with them I ordered a second dress a week later, a beautiful red dress I cannot wait to wear at some point.

It is good I have a little girl who brings out the girl in me, too. Dressing up is indeed fun.

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