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This month is flying by. Two weeks of sickness, a week of travel, and a week of no sleep due to taking away Lillian’s pacifier has left me exhausted and wondering where time went.
But these Instagram posts I can do. I love looking back at the month, and the few Instagram shots I captured. I keep trying to take one a day, but that’s seems a futile goal. How some of you post multiple Instagram’s day, I will never know. I am horrible at remembering to do it.

Those eyelashes. She got em’ from her daddy. Lucky girl.
Whole Foods date with momma. We got some coffee, chocolate milk, and a muffin. She was eight days contagious-free of hand foot mouth disease, yet I still felt horrible taking her out. Especially with all the fear of Ebola and illness. We got a few ugly stares (see the rash?). We needed to get out, and I knew she was safe to go into civilization after asking the pediatrician several times (I was that annoying mom).
Lillian gave up her paci and was rewarded with this Strawberry Shortcake doll. It’s supposed to smell like strawberry. Um, no. A reward for bravely kicking her habit.
Doctor office blues. Taking a toddler to the doctor is sort of heart breaking. She had to get a strep test, and kept crying and telling me about her “throat shot”. We made it.
Oh, and this dress we found at Arc thrift she wore almost 4 days in a row. Do your children have favorite clothes, and are they sometimes so random? I’m just not sure about this dress or why she loves it so much.
Ribs and beer. That was good.
Lil graduated to a big girl bed. Scored this one on craigslist. We love it. Now to get some bedding. She is pretty happy about this bed. She just needs to learn how to stay in it.
Airport mommy-daughter bonding.
Lil taking a selfie of us.
This kid and traveling. She loves it. Cannot get enough. Loves her luggage, airplanes, going new places. I anticipate she will want to travel abroad. She actually cries when we get home. Some people just have wander lust. She isn’t a homebody.
I think it’s great. Home is where your heart is, anyways. This kid just continues to amaze me.

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