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Now, go get some candy!

The day has come. The day I couldn’t wait for when I was a kid. 
Candy? Costumes? What kid doesn’t want to dress up and gorge themselves with candy?
Lillian decided to be Rapunzel, then switched to Anna last minute, then is switching back to Rapunzel. So, pictured here is a last minute Anna attempt from a Children’s Museum event last week. Braids and boots. Why does every little girl want to only be Elsa? We were swimming in Elsa’s, but only saw two little Anna’s. Let me guess what this years most popular costume is….
 We didn’t have the fancy Disney version of the Anna dress, and my daughter’s was held up by an old flower (because the Anna button fell off). She looked a little grungy, but do you think she cared? She couldn’t stop telling me how cute she looked! Kids are easily impressed, and any old and ratty piece of cloth in the right color can transform them into anything their imagination desires. If only I were so easily contented!
Well, tonight I pulled out the big guns. I made a Rapunzel braid out of yellow yarn. She will not let me fasten it to her head, so she simply holds it around her neck like a weird pet yarn thing. I laugh every time. At least her Rapunzel dress is intact and still looks pretty good. 

Well, my daughter hasn’t taken off her costume since we bought it two weeks ago. It is a mangled mess. We actually have a back up costume she wears also. Taken out of her dress up bin, of course. 

Hope you find some time to paint and play out some fantastic imaginative scenarios. Our favorite is pretending to make super weird soups. 

We also love to pretend we are monster doctors (see pic below). That is a really fun make believe game to play. Bring out the doctor kit! 

We have a fun day planned. Soccer in costumes this morning (who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of two year old’s running around like crazy costumes?). Cuteness overload. 

This afternoon we are perfecting our chex mix. I need to add more chocolate, but it is basically a delightful mix of candy corn, pretzels, nuts, chex, and CHOCOLATE. 

Then we are going to walk through our neighborhood to see if anyone around here actually passes out candy. Or if that era is over. 

Lastly, we are going to a party at my church tonight. It will be lots of fun. Controlled chaos. I am a fan. Plus, candy booths. Bonus. (Oh, and lots of my favorite people in the world and their cute kids). 

What plans do you have?

Do you even EAT candy with your kids? Or am I the only mother who will be partaking? (I’ve had a rough week of overindulging). 

I hope I get some kit kats tonight. Lil won’t miss em. 

And, please don’t be one of those people who passes out toothbrushes or raisins! (unless they are with a big candy bar). 😉
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