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Easy Brunch Recipe: Fried Egg atop Greens

brunchWho doesn’t love brunch? Brunch is my favorite meal. For those who seriously lack decision making skills, brunch is a dream. Can’t decide between breakfast or lunch? Brunch! Throw a fried egg on top of a dreamy salad… ok, maybe I lost you there.

But seriously, brunch food rocks because it is made for those of us who just need another reason to eat breakfast foods at a different time of day. Plus, it makes having a cocktail at 10 am socially acceptable.

My husband is one of those amazing people that can open up an empty refridgerator and make something out of almost nothing that looks like it is being served at that new spot down the street. I have a term for it. “Fancy”. I have never seen such simple food get so doctored up.

I appreciate it because I am too impatient to ever make my meals pretty. Nope. I just inhale.

Example- I get up and fry an egg on medium- high heat, make a quick pot of coffee, and pop up my toast before it is just right. Then I inhale, preferably standing at my counter top.

Husband cooks his eggs on low. Then he grabs fresh chive from the garden and cuts it up for his eggs. After making perfect eggs, he heats up a skillet and toasts his bread the old-fashioned way. He cuts up a couple tomatoes and sprinkles them with salt and pepper, and puts a lovely plate together. He sips on a fresh pot of french press, sits down at the table, takes a moment to gaze upon the beauty of his plate, then inhales.

So we are very different.

And this is the easiest brunch meal to make in the world that will score you points when you invite  friends over last minute. The taste? So GOOD.

I’m not even going to write a full recipe. Here is what you do:

1. Throw some fresh greens into a bowl (preferably a kale/ spinach/ chard blend).

2. Peel some carrot into the bowls.

3. Use this ratio to make your dressing: 3 parts lemon juice/ 1 part olive oil. Add to bowl. Toss that yummy salad!

4. Fry an egg just how you like. Runny yolks, hard yolks- whatever!  Lay on top of salad, sprinkle with salt and pepper (or cumin!), and devour.

I think a side of fresh baked bread would go perfect with this. With butter.

Maybe you can make this for your loved one tomorrow morning.

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  • Reply EloquentO

    this looks really yummy. great for low carb diet too and filling i am sure

    February 14, 2015 at 8:32 pm
  • Reply Barbara Rivers

    Mmh, it sure sounds scrumptious & easy enough to put together!

    November 17, 2015 at 6:14 pm
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