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How to run errands efficiently with a toddler

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Who dislikes running errands in the heat with their toddler?


I love my kiddo very much, but she is not my favorite person to take when I need to run some errands fast. First, I don’t particularly love tackling my to-do list, but having to deal with my toddler at the same time can be a real pain. She is not usually the best at waiting in lines or sitting still in a waiting room.

Yesterday, I had to go to the post office, get an oil change, go to the grocery store, and go to the gym. With my daughter in tow.


I have gotten much better at organizing my errands so  that we don’t have a major meltdown in the store or both find ourselves hungry, tired, and angry. I try to multitask as much as possible. That is why I actually made a complete plan for my errands.

I have learned a few things: always time running errands right (not during nap times or late in the evenings), always pack snacks and drinks, try and run the worst (most boring) ones first, bring distractions (toys, coloring books, crayons, i-Pad for longer excursions), and use the potty right away. I also try and knock off the biggest priorities first, that way any errands I don’t accomplish that day can wait for another day.

The priority was getting an oil change, because my car was way overdue. My poor car was also really, really, dirty. I started my day by swinging by the car wash place to vacuum up all those goldfish and cracker crumbs. Then we headed over to Walmart Automotive Care Center to get my oil change. To my delight, the wait was only 30 minutes and I planned to do some shopping while there. I dropped my car off and got shopping. I hate waiting in a sitting area with Lillian. The last time I did that we somehow managed to spill coffee all over the floor. I was still shopping when my car was finished. I got caught up in the toy section with my daughter (the best distraction, EVER). We made it out of the store with a few necessities, plus some car care items I’ve been needing, including some hand sanitizing wipes (goodbye ketchup fingers!), some band-aids to keep in the car this summer, and some tissues.

My experience this time around at Walmart Automotive Care Center was so much better. The customer service, to my surprise, was awesome. It seems as though it has improved since my last oil change. I was in and out within 30 minutes, and they gentleman who checked us in was extremely sweet and pleasant. Apparently Walmart has added Department Managers to Automotive Care Centers around the nation to provide some extra TLC to customers’ experience. I definitely noticed a difference. I was also pleased because I asked them to use Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle oil (that helps clean out sludge lesser oils leave behind) on my Honda because it has over 100k miles on it. The High Mileage Vehicle oil helps to reduce leaks and oil consumption in worn or higher mileage engines. It keeps my engine running clean and going strong for a long time. I just learned that I can request different types of oils for my car. The price difference was only a couple of bucks. The things you learn!

After getting my oil changed, I was able to run to the post office, and the gym happily in my newly washed and maintained car. I love when my car runs good, smells nice, and looks good! Plus, I am happy with my new car-care goodies! We are totally ready for some summer road trips!

Even Lillian got a special little treat for being such a good girl- her own key! She was really excited to get this little key and now carries it everywhere…


All in all we had a good, successful, errand running day!

*From 6/10-9/9 Pennzoil oil changes will be on Rollback at Walmart Automotive Care Center. Pennzoil Warranty: Pennzoil also offers a free warranty that covers 15 engine parts that may fail due to engine wear or which experience abnormal wear due to friction. (For more information, check out the Pennzoil Warranty Site.)

High Mileage $35.88, compared to the regular Walmart price of $39.88. {Industry standard price is $46}. Platinum Full Synthetic $45.88, compared to the regular Walmart price of $49.88. {Industry standard price $66}

If I was going on a road trip through your state, what are the top 3 locations where I should visit?


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  • Reply Tiffany

    This is so cute! I bet Sydney would LOVE her own key!

    July 2, 2015 at 6:59 am
    • Reply Tiffany Cutcliff

      Haha! I told her I would let her pick one little thing and this is what she wanted- at first I thought it was super weird and tried to talk her out of it but she has been carrying around her “keychain” nonstop and pretending to lock and unlock doors. It is actually a great little toy!

      July 2, 2015 at 12:49 pm
  • Reply socalledhomemaker

    I love having my car worked on at Walmart while I shop…so convenient!

    July 2, 2015 at 7:25 am
    • Reply Tiffany Cutcliff

      I agree! I have done this for years now and I actually don’t mind getting my oil changed anymore! Plus, the staff is super nice in the department, the same man is always there and is so kind!

      July 2, 2015 at 12:48 pm
  • Reply David @ Spicedblog

    Hmmm…that’s a tough one! I think one of the top spots in our area is Saratoga Springs, NY…especially during track season. I love summer roadtrips…thanks for sharing the rollback info! #client

    July 2, 2015 at 3:29 pm
  • Reply Amanda Long

    I love the key ! 🙂

    July 14, 2015 at 3:31 pm
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