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Hello and welcome to my site, The Dwelling Tree! My name is Tiffany. I am a mother to two kiddos and wife to a handsome stud we will call B. I started this blog when I had my first child as a way to document all the exciting things that come with being a parent, and it has grown into a space for me to be creative, share with others online, and write about my faith.
I am passionate about being serving Jesus, motherhood, and MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers International). There is nothing better in the world than being with my friends and sharing encouragement over a hot cup of coffee. I adore my local church and the friends and family I have the privilege to do life with.
Some of my favorite things in the world are…
+ a fresh pot of french press coffee, cream, and a dab of butter.
+a new, soft pullover.
+essential oils. Especially Frankincense and Lavender.
+dark chocolate with peanut butter.
+pillow fights with my girls.
+a glass of pinot or malbec with a friend.
+a glass of whiskey with my husband.
+on the topic of husband, going on dates with him. And the way he smells.
+listening to the bible read aloud.
+white sweaters and cardigans.
+purging things I no longer need.
+hiking, biking, skiing, yoga, dancing, and generally being outside!
+new sneakers.
+dance parties with my daughters in our living room.
Thanks for hanging with me! Share with others my blog if you like something. Feel free to subscribe so you get the latest blog posts and newsletters, and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Please say hi below. I read my comments friends!
+If you have questions regarding collaborations or guest posts, please email me at As of this time I am not taking ads. Thanks!

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